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Premier 83 RT Series

Sliding system for doors and windows fully compatible with the hinged Premier 60 RT system.

Thanks to its reinforced central profile, this series can be used as large balcony doors, manteining the resistance and the thightness.

The ironwork and fittings are made out of aluminium and zamak and were designed for this series. Screws are made of stainless steel. Brush type "Fin Seal" gaskets ensure the thightness in addition to EPDM inner an outer gaskets.

The Premier 83 RT Series has been succesfully tested according to the following international standards:

  • Air thightness according to UNE EN 1026:2000;  clase 4 UNE EN 12207:2000
  • Water thightness according to UNE EN 1027:2000; clase 7A UNE EN 12208:2000
  • Resistance to wind load according to UNE EN 1221:2000 clase C3 UNE EN 12210:2000
  • Thermal transmision according to UNE-EN IDO 10077-1:2010 Uw=3.46[W/m²K]
  • Sound insulation according to UNE-EN 14351-1:2006 Rw(C,Ctr)=27 (-1,-2) dB


  • Fully compatible with the hinged Premier 60 RT Series.
  • 60, 83 and  120 mm frames.
  • 32 mm pane
  • Maximum glazing up to 26 mm
  • Reinforced central profile for balcony doors.
  • Several finishings for anodized and lacquered aluminium.
  • Ironwork designed for this product
  • Double seal gasket.

Opening types

  • Sliding + fixed
  • 4 sliding panes
  • Pivoting+sliding
  • Fixed + sliding
  • Sliding with mullion panes
  • Hinged + sliding
  • 3 sliding panes




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