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We have two different production lines, each one equipped whit an aluminium extrussion press; the first of 1800 Tn and the second, recently acquired, of 2800 Tn.

Both machines include water-spray system cooling tunnel wich can flow 555 m3/hour. This equipment allow us to extrude thick profiles and achieve T6 hardness. Furthermore, Dial guarantees that the material used is always primary aluminium and that the processes and alloy fulfill the UNE standards.


  1. DSC_5862
  2. techo movil
  3. Dial Extrusión - Prensa de aluminio de 2.800 TN
    Prensa de aluminio de 2.800TN
  4. Dial Extrusión - Prensa de aluminio de 1.800 TN
    Prensa de 1.800 TN
  5. IMG_5773
  6. Dial Extrusión - Equipo de enfriamiento
    Equipo de enfriamiento