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Dial guarantees the quality of all its products by testing them with thorough production controls. Our daily quality commitment is present in every material we use, in the aluminium extrusion process, the sales and distribution, as our official aprovals certify.

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New double skin facade system. It helps to save energy while improves the thermal confort inside the building. It also makes the ventilation control easyer and contributes to make the most of natural light.

Endless design possibilities.

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techo movil

Already available new sliding glass system and glass curtain. Both of them without vertical aluminium profiles.

Glass curtain: D`GLASS 31 The system counts on roller-bearings to support high loads. It is designed for large spans with single pane safety glass up to 12 mm.

Sliding glass system: D`GLASS 20, D'Glass 20 features a tandem roller bearing system with high load capacity wich allow the use of large glass panes to cover great spans.

Glass roof: CRYSTALSKY 10, Sliding roof system glass-covered. Motorized opening of the 75% of its area with conealed machinery. Easy to asamble. This system allows any client to replace the sofmer polycarbonate or sandwich panel covering with glass, changeing only the finishing panes while the aluminium structure remains still.



techo movil

Increase your room and amplify the space and daylight with our new sliding roof system. All the products are easy to asamble. The opening system is available with manual or motorized control. The sliding roof is cut-to-size to meet our clients needs, and it feets into any space.

The system can be requested in several colours and imitation wood aswell. Always using top quality materials.

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Solar and photovoltaic pannels supporting structure. Both on roofs or on the ground.

Various systems and profiles sections availables.

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The new tubular railing is already available for sale. Made out of aluminium and glass, it features 50 mm round-shaped banister, exclusively designed ironwork for this product, and aluminium and zamak fittings.

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